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Licensing and brand management

Licensing is a part of controlling and managing the whole corporate brand. Contact us when you want to develop a licensed brand or if you want us to take care of your licensed brand. We breathe and live in the world of brands, we are familiar with distribution channels, structures of commerce and possibilities that the digital world offers us. Don’t hesitate to ask us more!

Of course it is not possible to hold all products in our stock or product assortment and thus we talk about service product line. Through the agents our contacts include practically the whole world. We also serve our contract customers with a Trading- principle by orders.

Our service product concept includes productization of events, outsourcing services, fundraising and sponsor and agent activity.

Events, anniversaries, launches, campaigns and promotions are challenges for us, on which we focus wholeheartedly. Successful measures of good quality bring us new, happy customers. Our excellent contacts with artists, top musicians and bands give us a possibility to offer overall service for the most important event for your company, for instance.

Contact us and we will tell you more about how we can sharpen and strengthen your company’s marketing message for our part. A positive memory trace communicates the message effectively forward and increases the value of your brand!

Service product concept and outsourcing

Packing & delivery service and stocking

A part of individuality and “soul” of PR products are the packages. Appearance and impressiveness of a package matters. After all, this is also a part of visual appearance and entirety of a company. With our leading cooperation partners we are happy to produce a coherent visual appearance and individual packing line for all PR products for your company.

Make a contract with us about stocking and logistics of your PR product line. We take care of stocking and delivering of the PR product line for your part. Send us your customers’ addresses and we pack your products and deliver them for your customers.

We can make an imposing online store for you and your products and we also take care of the maintenance. If necessary, with our excellent partners we can also build impressive campaign pages for your company.

We are familiar with artwork, graphic design and webshop management and with these issues we have experience more than 15 years. As a turnkey service we create impressive campaign pages which meet the customers’ needs.

Online store, campaign sites and creative services

Music and entertainment

You can also ask for other artists, bands and performers, even from classical music to rock’n’roll.

The values and strategies of companies can be summarized into colors and shapes from which the company’s own visual gift line can be built. We can also brainstorm own name product for your company. There are plenty of materials and methods to use.

We cooperate with Finnish artists who familiarize themselves with company’s values and a way of acting.  In the cooperation an artwork of a company’s visual appearance will arise for instance to support marketing and sales to give an individual and different appearance for the company’s PR action and marketing communication. A visual appearance created through art can be productized into PR products, events, different themes and campaigns. Artwork’s theme and the world of colors can be utilized in many ways.

We support Finnish, young artists. Also finished artworks, for instance graphics, oil paintings or just licences for pictures of finished artwork are available in our artist bank. There are many themes and material options even until bronze artwork. The online store of More On is also an art store. Read more shop.moreon.fi.

We are glad to tell you more about how a company can successfully stand out, communicate their values and image through art. Here we shortly introduce a few of our artists. If you are an artist also yourself, contact us. We are always looking for new ideas for our customers.