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Édith Piaf 100 year anniversary by Tia Cohen et L’orchestre Noir

The year 2015 is the 100th anniversary of the wonderful Édith Piaf. To honor the jubilee year, Culture Salon’s stage is taken over by Tia Cohen and L’orchestre Noir with their anniversary show. Conductor Tuomo Wäinölä leads the orchestra of five musicians.

Tia Cohen is a genuine Parisienne with her considerably rouge lips. She is emotional, bubbly and energetic as the French typically are. Tia is a colorful and interesting, positively unique performer in the Finnish musical scene. Tia has lived in the Punavuori area of Helsinki, Finland for years now. During her time in the area she has became known as ”The Sparrow of Punavuori” due to her grandiose and heartfelt Édith Piaf act. On her concerts she makes the atmosphere of a Punavuori bar resemble those of Paris in the 50’s. While watching her act, one can feel the emotions of an original Édith Piaf concert when she shook the chanson-scene on her days.
Marja Hautakangas from Kamppi-Eira newspaper wrote a story with spot on accuracy on Tia, during the after matches of Rööperifest, a local urban festival.

Tia’s rolling French RRRRRRrrrrr sounds so wonderful and loosens my stiff vertebra. Even Édith Piaf herself would feel jealous. After her show we could only guess how high this passionate interpreter of emotions will rise in the future

 Photograph: Jarkko Tiitinen

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